Why I Doula

Felt Alone in the unknown

Seven years ago, I was pregnant with my first baby.  I had no idea what a doula was.  They only support I had was my husband.

I was at the hospital super early, minimal contractions and barely dilated.  I did not want to stay home as I was afraid to have a baby without help. 

So many ups and downs during delivery and so many decisions that I did not understand the impact.  Looking back, I would say my birth was traumatic as do 1 in 4 birthing people.  

I doubt the birth staff thought it was traumatic , but to me it was. I knew I wanted a different journey the next time.

Fast Forward

When my baby was four months old, I went to a local baby event and sat quietly with my husband as I participated in the event.  I spoke to no one else there. 

A photographer took pictures of me and baby during the event and when they were posted online the creator of a local parenting group reached out to me and a friend was made! 

She invited me to the monthly meeting of the group and my new home was found.  I found people that understood what I was going through. 

I no longer felt alone.  There were people out there that understood me.  I became passionate about sharing my story and what I had learned about pregnancy and delivery with others.

A Doula whoby whaty?

This group also introduced me to the idea of a Doula. Someone to help during pregnancy, delivery and give me support, knowledge and love.  Help me understand the impact of decisions that I needed to make. 

This is exactly what I needed and did not know it.  Someone to help navigate the craziness of pregnancy and delivery. 

Birth round two

My second labor and delivery were so much different.  I stayed home and relaxed while things progressed, almost too long as I swear the baby was almost born in the hospital parking lot!

My doula was amazing help for me and made it such a happy experience for both my husband and me.  I would not change any of it.  I would sign up to have more births the way my second one went. 

Times a changing

I never thought I would change careers at my age, but funny things happen.  I was asked about becoming a doula.  It had never occurred to me. 

The idea was amazing, but I knew there was no way I could leave my current job to peruse this wonderful idea. 

Then, well 2020 and COVID-19 happened.  I lost my job after almost ten years and needed to decide what to do go forward. 

Thoughts of becoming a Doula returned.  Should I? Could I? I talked with my husband and friends about this crazy idea.  Everyone was so supportive and encouraged me to do it.  They all said it made perfect sense for me. 

I was so passionate about birth and making informed decisions.  I always was giving info and support to pregnant friends I encountered. 

Doula I am!!

I have never been happier at a job.  Helping parents through such and exciting time.  Giving love and support and watching them fall in love with their baby at the first sight. 

My goal is making sure other parents never felt as alone as I did all those years ago and that the parents that I help get to experience the happiness and joy that should accompany a pregnancy journey and becoming a parent.